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Collaboration Wines AcknowledgementsCollaboration Wines Acknowledgements

Richard Painter

Talented, passionate winemaker and incredibly good cook.
My backbone, sounding board, and second palate for Collaboration Wines.

Family & Friends

Supportive network of family and friends who offer their time and attention to detail.

Sam - Labrador/Shaggy Sheep Dog

Vineyard Supervisor.

Angela Tirrell - Artist

Friend and talented artist.
» View her website here

Ingalls Design - Design Team for Collaboration Wines

Talented team consisting of Tom Ingalls, Kseniya Masakarova and Jane Harrison.
» Visit their website here

Photography - Courtesy of Friends and Family

» Visit Hetta Malone's website here
» Visit Indra Fortney's website here
» Visit Jeremy Jones, Propeller Motion Limited's website here

Pete Deslandes - Print Consultants ltd

» Visit his website here

Peter Hensman - Shepherd Hensman ltd - Chartered Accountants

» Visit his website here

3webfeet limited - Website Design & Development

» Visit their website here

Finally, a thank you to all the Winemakers, Viticulturists and friends whom I have meet through my career and continue to. All have provided me with support and a strong grounding to create my own Company - Collaboration Wines.


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